Wednesday, December 27, 2006

I think I'll survive my visit to wingnutia, but its too soon to tell

I avoid winger blogs as if they have fleas, which they may well have. However, I ran across an item at the Dao Report and had to investigate.

It had a link to the Captains Quarters and I followed it. I won't put the link here. You're welcome.

This is the part that caught my eye because it is so wrong. It also was at the Dao Report so I didn't have to visit the actual winger site, but didn't know that.
I agree with Michael van der Galien at TMV -- this should prompt us to pay more attention to Africa, at least in terms of building stronger democracies where we can. At one point, this was the thrust of the so-called neocon strategy: ending terror by ensuring the liberation of people from oppression.

Three observations.

1) You don't build democracies. They are organic or they just don't work. When will the wingers get that through their thick skulls.

2) "...the so-called neocon strategy"? Why so-called? It was and is their strategy. It isn't a hypothetical.

3) They believe liberation of people from oppression will end terror. They may be right, but liberation ≠ democracy necessarily.


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