Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Nukular materials, the new crack cocaine

Can't make enough money selling crack cocaine? Have you considered nukular material?
Annual incidents of trafficking and mishandling of nuclear and other radioactive material reported to U.S. intelligence officials have more than doubled since the early 1990s, says the director of domestic nuclear detection at the Department of Homeland Security.

Also up: scams in which fake or non-existent nuclear or radioactive material is offered for sale, often online, says Vayl Oxford, nuclear detection director at the department.

"We sense that people have recognized the value of nuclear material as a useful way of making money," Oxford said. "Nuclear material is becoming a marketable commodity."

And all this lovely activity happened while who was making the world safer? Just asking.

Yeah I know, no real cause and affect there, but I just have to dump on Bush whenever I see an opening. Otherwise I have to resort to killing puppies, forcing teenagers to get abortions and burning the flag. Come to think of it, where did I put that flag? And the matches?

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