Saturday, March 18, 2006

Bush Destroyed The Taliban

Sure he did.

Its becoming more common recently to read about Taliban attacks. The Taliban is back with a vengeance and Bush doesn't have the troops needed to fight them. Maybe invading Iraq might have been ill-advised?

So now does Bush throw more troops into Afganistan? What about his intent to attack Iran? Decisions, decisions, decisions. Good thing Bush is adept at decision making (sarchasim).

I would love to have an honest talk with Bush Sr and find out what he truly thinks about this idiot son of his.
Taliban gunmen have shot dead the former governor of an Afghan province along with four of his guards, and hours later tried to kill the province's current governor.

The administrative chief of Ghazni province's Andar district said the gunmen shot Taj Mohammad, the former governor of Ghazni and an outspoken opponent of the Taliban, near his home.

Four of Mr Mohammad's bodyguards were also killed.

A Taliban commander, Mullah Abdul, claimed responsibility for the attack.

I've never been much for isolationism. Never been much for invasion either. And certainly am not a proponent for going into a couple (so far) Middle East countries and fucking things up for generations to come.

I'm often surprised when a state governor is elected president and then does a creditable job of forming foreign policy. I believe they succeed because they choose competent advisors and ask the right questions. But that hasn't been Bush's style. He thinks he knows it all. The few times he does ask for assistance, he takes the advice of other idiots who think he can shove democracy down people's throats. He knows so little about the history of the Middle East he can't ask intelligent questions. For instance, he should have asked what to do after the "liberation". A plan would have been a nice touch.

Folks, democracy comes from the people. They choose it and fight for it. It isn't something an outsider can push on them. Will Bush ever learn? Probably not.

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