Friday, March 24, 2006

Outsourcing Your Safety

Feeling safe? Well don't. Here is another of the idiot-in-chief's ideas. Jesus H Christ he is amazing.
One of Americans' favorite beach destinations, the Bahamas, is getting a new U.S. arrival — sophisticated equipment to detect radioactive materials in shipping cargo. But U.S. customs agents won't be on site to supervise the machine's use as a nuclear safeguard for the American shoreline that is just 65 miles away from Freeport. Under an unusual arrangement, a Hong Kong company will help operate the detector.

The Bush administration says it is finalizing a no-bid contract with Hutchison Whampoa Ltd. It acknowledged the deal is the first time a foreign company will be involved in running a radiation detector at an overseas port without American customs agents present. (emphasis mine)

He's working on another no-bid contract with a Philippine company to do the same work there.

Just what again is Bush's job description? I thought it included upholding the Constitution and Bill of Rights. It seems I must have been wrong about that one. But it does seem to me protecting us from the importation of radioactive materials should be a component of his responsibilities.

I have nothing against Hong Kong and know little about the company involved, but you just can't put the safety of the American people in the hands of any foreign company with no oversight by US Customs.

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