Friday, March 10, 2006

What Took So Long, Doctors?

More than 250 medical experts are calling for Guantanamo Bay prison doctors to stop force feeding inmates. They also are calling for "disciplinary action against their US counterparts" who are doing this.
The United States authorities are facing demands by doctors from around the world to abandon the barbaric method of force-feeding hunger strikers at Guantanamo Bay.


Since August they have been routinely force-fed, an excruciatingly painful practice that causes bleeding and nausea. The doctors say: "Fundamental to doctors' responsibilities in attending a hunger striker is the recognition that prisoners have a right to refuse treatment.

In the past I've had doctors nonchalantly do some horrifically painful procedures on me. Required of course, not sadistically. I think. Anyway, when a doctor mentions excruciatingly painful practice, ya know that it must be almost unbearably painful.

(read more) Uh, about the force feeding, not about my medical procedures.


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