Sunday, April 09, 2006

Liberal Biased MSM - Sure They Are

This is such bullshit. Dear leader can do no wrong? He just doesn't do the good thing quite the way he should have? Spare me.
PRESIDENT BUSH was right to approve the declassification of parts of a National Intelligence Estimate about Iraq three years ago in order to make clear why he had believed that Saddam Hussein was seeking nuclear weapons. Presidents are authorized to declassify sensitive material, and the public benefits when they do. But the administration handled the release clumsily, exposing Mr. Bush to the hyperbolic charges of misconduct and hypocrisy that Democrats are leveling.

Rather than follow the usual declassification procedures and then invite reporters to a briefing -- as the White House eventually did -- Vice President Cheney initially chose to be secretive, ordering his chief of staff at the time, I. Lewis Libby, to leak the information to a favorite New York Times reporter. The full public disclosure followed 10 days later. There was nothing illegal or even particularly unusual about that; nor is this presidentially authorized leak necessarily comparable to other, unauthorized disclosures that the president believes, rightly or wrongly, compromise national security. Nevertheless, Mr. Cheney's tactics make Mr. Bush look foolish for having subsequently denounced a different leak in the same controversy and vowing to "get to the bottom" of it.

I'm so bored with this subject, but we need to go over it once again.

Folks, the asshole-in-chief endangered a naked CIA agent and anyone she had contact with. These are life and death issues and not simple swift-boating games.

So why does the WaPo feel the need to kiss Bush's ass? They need access? They need Repug talking points to fill their pages? They have no balls? I'm leaning toward the have no balls explanation.

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