Saturday, May 20, 2006

Better Late Than Never I Suppose

It seems those other church people have had enough.
The religious left is back.

Long overshadowed by the Christian right, religious liberals across a wide swath of denominations are engaged today in their most intensive bout of political organizing and alliance-building since the civil rights and anti-Vietnam War movements of the 1960s, according to scholars, politicians and clergy members.

In large part, the revival of the religious left is a reaction against conservatives' success in the 2004 elections in equating moral values with opposition to abortion and same-sex marriage.

Religious liberals say their faith compels them to emphasize such issues as poverty, affordable health care and global warming. Disillusionment with the war in Iraq and opposition to Bush administration policies on secret prisons and torture have also fueled the movement.

It would be good to point out, when the religious right says we libruls are attacking religion, they should say their brand of religion.The moderates and leftward at least to me are just fine. Its the fundie wingers who are troubling.

With their influence on politics at the moment we're heading toward a puritanical theocracy and away from enlightenment. Their brand of religion includes the ugliest aspects of human nature; bigotry, intolerance, vengefulness and bullying. And to my mind the most horrid part of their brand is that they want to cram their beliefs down our throats and legislate those beliefs into law. That's the problem.

And I'll fight that style religion in any way I can when I'm not busy forcing women to have abortions, helping gays convert straights or killing puppies.

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