Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Feeling Secure? Well Don't #7

This is something less than comforting out of Canada. It sheds new light on just how vulnerable the US-Canada border is.
While the Canadian government is trying everything to convince the American administration to put off new security measures requiring a passport to enter the U.S., our nation’s No. 2 spymaster has provided a rather compelling reason for the Yanks to man the barricades, preferably yesterday.

Jack Hooper, deputy director of the Canadian Security Intelligence Service (CSIS) that is responsible for checking out newcomers to this country, says the agency lacks the money and manpower to vet more than a small fraction of immigrants.

Hooper spooked a Senate committee yesterday when he admitted that even in the case of immigrants from known terrorist breeding grounds such as Afghanistan and Pakistan, “we are in a position to vet one-tenth of those.”

In other words, of the roughly 20,000 immigrants who have come here since 9/11 from the region around Osama bin Laden’s last known address, about 18,000 have entered Canada with little or no security clearance.

And Bushco is concerned about stopping the brown folks who pick lettuce, serve food and mow lawns.


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