Monday, May 29, 2006

Thank God For UN Incompetence

This is the entire post from the Hill Blog, posted bye Fla. GOP Rep. Cliff Stearns.
No U.S. Dollars Before Serious Commitment to Human Rights By U.N.
May 28th, 2006

In 1946, the United Nations Commission on Human Rights was created to monitor and prevent the abuse of human rights. It failed miserably. The Commission lost its credibility as an instrument for the promotion and protection of human rights. The Commission instead allowed repressive regimes, like Cuba, Sudan, Libya, Belarus, China, and Zimbabwe, to shield themselves from criticism for their own human rights violations.

On March 15, 2006, the Commission was replaced with a United Nations Human Rights Council (UNHRC). But while making superficial structural changes, there has been no reform. Indeed, the new elected membership includes nine countries that the democracy watchdog Freedom House designates as not free include China, Cuba, Saudi Arabia, Russia, Pakistan, Tunisia, Algeria, Cameroon, and Azerbaijan.

The U.S. should not support the UNHRC until it upholds the ideals of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration on Human Rights, and its membership is made up of free and democratic nations. [emphasis mine]

If the UN were competent, the US would be among the countries listed as not free and would be denounced for its refusal to adhere to the Universal Declaration on Human Rights. I don't believe kidnapping, torture and killing are allowed under those rights.


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