Sunday, July 30, 2006

A tale of two headlines, two stories updated

Update to last post:

This is quite a competition between AP and AFP. Now AFP is reporting 51 killed and 22 of them children. Their source is Salam Daher, the Lebanese civil defense chief in the region. So those numbers will be at least the final numbers and probably not over-stated.

AFP has further added this little zinger:
At least 51 people were killed, many of them children, when Israeli war planes blitzed a village in south Lebanon, an attack which Israel has rejected responsibility for.. [emphasis mine]

Could someone explain to me how Israeli war planes "blitzed a village" and Israel can "reject responsibility"?

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Update: Now Israel is accepting responsibility for the attack.
Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert today said that the village of Qana, where Israeli airstrikes killed at least 50 people today- including scores of children - was used as a Hezbollah base for launching hundreds of rockets at Israel.

“From the village and its surroundings, hundreds of Katyusha (rockets) have been fired at Israel, toward Kiryat Shemona and Afula,” Olmert said during Israel’s weekly Cabinet meeting, according to a participant in the meeting.

”The army did not get an order to strike at Lebanese civilians. In Kfar Qana, hundreds of Katyushas are hidden.”

This is, as they say, developing.

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