Friday, October 27, 2006

And So The Fix Begins

Dateline Georgia.

Last Friday, in an announcement that I for one failed to notice, the Department of Justice announced that Assistant US Attorney Jay Weimer has been appointed to guard against election fraud in the State of Georgia:

Alright! Someone will be responsible in Georgia for honest election returns. But wait, does this guy have any bias? Perhaps, considering he's posted the following on his website:
There has long been a trend among a significant segment of the left to blame America for any attack against it rather than consider that fault might lie at the feet of the attackers themselves. However, the left is now focusing its blame-America- first instincts not on the government, but on U.S. Companies and the millions of Americans who use their products and services. Clearly, John Kerry and Howard Dean know better than anyone what's best for the average American. Less clear is whether the average American might feel some resentment at being informed of this undeniable fact.


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