Saturday, November 25, 2006

Force Is Not The Answer

I've said in the past, somewhere on this blog, you can't force democracy on a people. Democracy has to be home-grown. It has to be something the people want not something they're force fed.

You can't force abstinence nor morality nor heterosexuality nor peace on people anymore than you can force them to think like you do.

You can persuade, conjole or influence, but never get the desired results from force.

History has shown you can subjugate the people under fascisim and communism, but most will never accept it. They'll "go along" because they have a sense of self preservation, but they won't "buy into it".

Why people in government, control, don't realize this is unfathonable. Its as though none of them have any knowledge of history. Even those who went to Harvard and graduated with a degree in history don't seem to grasp this simple concept.


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