Tuesday, November 21, 2006

I Be Very Lazy Or Maybe Just Overwhelmed

Please visit some significant sites. They're all good today and take on a wide array of topics, all of which will discomfort you. You've been warned.

First up is Balloon Juice. As an aside, this is written by a former Republican who decided to join the reality community.

Next is Carpetbagger Report.

On now to The American Prospect.

Think Progress weighs in. And this is really precious. I'm gonna get me a gun to ward off those iPods.

As I predicted yesterday, the Dems will be blamed for a military draft which is very necessary. This over at GINA COBB who titles her site: GINA COBB News ~ Opinion ~ Insight, but forgot to mention stupidity.

And the killing continues at an accelerated rate.

I'm gonna pound it into your brain. Read Don to Earth.

Echidne, my favorite goddess, has a post about what is to come now that Dems are in power. I kid you not, it is as deranged as anything you can imagine.

Please also visit my friend Jill at Brilliant at Breakfast. Just too much there to summarize. Not to mention it would take effort on my part. Três lazy.

One little blurb from moi. Jesus H Christ on Sudafed, I'm so tired of McCain all the time everywhere in the MSM and on blogs. He's a joke and will only become more comical in the next few months, but everyone has to pay attention to him. That is, everyone except for SPIIDERWEB™. I shant mention him again until he does something monumentally stupid...which he will.

As always, Simbaud delivers. Ya think Bush is not drinking again and the elections were honest? Hmmm. I'm not in your fantasy world.

This is something you need to get behind. Via Making Light.

Kay, Clif and Larry are good reads today too.


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