Friday, December 01, 2006

Iraqis plan to take over security in '07

So it seems they were serving Kool-aid® in Jordon and Nouri "the puppet" al-Maliki is now firmly ensconced inside the Bush bubble and left the world of reality. Sure, he's gonna disarm Muqtada "the force" al-Sadr's militia of 60,000± soldiers and get the country under control by June '07.

And that militia of 60,000± troops? That's not counting the ones we don't know about because they've infiltrated the state police and Iraqi military.
Iraq - Prime Minister Nouri al-Maliki said Thursday he believed Iraqi forces would be ready by June 2007 to take full control of security in Iraq, an issue on which he pressed President Bush during their meeting in Amman, Jordan.

In making the argument that his military and police could handle security in the country, al-Maliki has routinely said the force could do the job within six months.

"I can say that Iraqi forces will be ready, fully ready to receive this command and to command its own forces, and I can tell you that by next June our forces will be ready," al-Maliki said in an interview with ABC News.

Bush and al-Maliki agreed that the United States would speed efforts to turn security over the Iraqi forces, although they mentioned no timetable during a post-summit news conference.

Al-Maliki also said he rejects all Iraq's militias, including the Madhi Army of the powerful, anti-American Shiite cleric Moqtada al-Sadr, who is a key ally of the Shiite prime minister. Despite such promises in the past, al-Maliki has frustrated the Bush administration by doing little to curb militias, which have been heavily involved in Iraq's spiraling sectarian violence in city's such as Baghdad.

Aren't people this delusional usually, like, taken to a hospital and observed by trained professionals? Just asking.

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