Friday, November 10, 2006

Message? What Message? From South Dakota?

So South Dakota is sending us a message?

That's what their vote on abortion is saying.

The verdict on abortion rights was particularly clear. Oregon and California voters defeated measures that would have required parents to be notified before a girl under 18 could get an abortion, and South Dakotans — by a margin of 56 percent to 44 percent — rejected a new state law that would have banned all abortions except to save a pregnant woman's life.

"This was really a rebellion in the heart of red-state, pro-life America — the heart of the northern Bible Belt," said Sarah Stoesz, head of the
Planned Parenthood chapter that oversees South Dakota. "It sends a very strong message to the rest of the country."

No. I'll tell you exactly what the message is South Dakota voters are satisfied by the laws they have. Period. End of story.

How they voted matters little to me and I get no "message" strong or otherwise. Its a state issue so doesn't pertain outside the state's borders and I couldn't care less how they vote. I still know my position and it isn't influenced by counted ballots in South Dakota.

To be clear about my position. Women should have control of their bodies. Period. No pun intended.

Outlaw vasectomies and watch for a huge groundswell for "control of our own bodies". And yes, vasectomies and abortions certainly are the same thing except for the timing. The abortin prevents a childbirth after conception and the vasectomy does the same thing before conception.

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