Saturday, November 18, 2006

Terrorists are Already Winning in the US

Sorry I'm so late with this, but haven't seen it posted anywhere else:
Don't be surprised if you're asked to whip out your cell phone and make a call next time you go through airport security. A mobile phone that masquerades as a gun may sound like a device concocted for 007, but it's the latest hidden weaponry to show up on the radar of law-enforcement folks.


So far, no phony phones are known to have surfaced in the U.S. And aviation-security experts say screening equipment now in use can detect the cell guns and other "improvised explosive devices," such as fake calculators, cameras, laptops and PDAs. To speed your next security check, you may want to leave some of those gadgets behind, along with your tool kit. Says a senior U.S. law-enforcement official: "Even a screwdriver could conceal a shotgun shell in a hollowed-out handle." [emphasis mine]

'Scuse moi? Who out there wants to be without all these things, but can't afford to buy new ones at their destination? Man that tail is really wagging this dog.

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BTW, I also ran across this little cutie:

Cell Phone Stun Gun

Unique design gives you a tactical advantage with this Cell Phone Stun Gun. Personal Alarm and 180,000 volt stun gun with case.

And, you can also get a phony phone that shoots pepper spray. [Squirt!], can you hear me now?


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