Wednesday, December 06, 2006

I really don't want to do this, but...

This post may cost me some readers. I sure hope not.

I grew up with guns. They aren't tools of the devil no more than are kitchen knives. If handled properly they are safe.

I also feel all Americans have a right to own guns and the government has no right to know who has them. That's exactly how people can be controlled. If you know I have a gun and you want to take it, you can.

All that shit said, I see no reason why most people need assault weapons.

I also feel adults are responsible if children can get their hands on their guns.

Cheap handguns designed only to kill people are a abhorrent.

And I see absolutely nothing wrong with "waiting periods". In fact I like them. People do amazingly stupid things in the heat of the moment.

Laws that hold adults responsible when children get guns.

Assault-weapon bans in Columbus and six other cities.

Prohibitions on "Saturday night specials."

A Cincinnati measure barring firearms sales within 1,000 feet of schools.

All those and dozens of other ordinances would be swept away by a proposed state law that Gov. Bob Taft has pledged to veto.

Overall, 80 ordinances in Columbus, Dublin and 18 other communities would be preempted if House Bill 347 becomes law. The bill is on the way to Taft after passing the Republican-controlled Ohio House 74-14 and the Ohio Senate 19-10.

Taft spokesman Mark Rickel said yesterday that the bill had not arrived at the governor’s office. Once Taft gets the bill, he has 10 days to sign it, veto it or let it take effect without his signature.

If Taft, a Republican, rejects the bill, the House would have to muster 60 votes and the Senate 20 votes to override the veto.

The proposal would wipe out five Columbus ordinances in addition to the assault-weapons ban: a permit requirement for firearms dealers, display regulations for firearms for sale, a prohibition on large-capacity ammunition magazines, local licensing of gun purchasers and daily delivery of firearms sales records by dealers.

Dublin would have four ordinances eliminated, including a waiting period for gun purchases.

I understand the position of people in favor of gun control, but don't believe it's the right solution. Regulating guns is treating the symptom and not the disease. Hell, I could kill with a pencil if I wanted to, which I don't. Well...

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