Sunday, February 04, 2007

Bush and the Democrats

Jesus H Christ on a beach, are the Democrats drinking the Kool-Aid® now?
President Bush squarely addressed the issue most on the mind of House Democrats, saying Saturday that deep divisions over the Iraq war need not bring anyone's patriotism into question.

"You know, I welcome debate in a time of war and I hope you know that," Bush said in opening remarks at the guest speaker at a retreat that drew about 200 lawmakers to a Virginia resort.

He said disagreeing with him over the war — as many in the room do — does not mean "you don't share the same sense of patriotism I do."

"You can get that thought out of your mind, if that's what some believe," the president said. "These are tough times, but there's no doubt in my mind that you want to secure this homeland as much as I do."

Bush's conciliatory words were similar to some of his previous statements. But the applause that followed them offered some indication that this audience was happy to hear them so directly and in person. [emphasis mine]

This is a fucking psychopath who lies from the moment he awakes until bed time.

Do not let him send more cannon fodder to Iraq and, for gawd sakes, don't let him attack Iran.

Yes, everyone wants to secure the homeland. Everyone wants apple pie. Everyone wants to go on picnics.

We just don't want to attack other countries to steal their pies and picnic baskets.

And I'll reiterate, we are not at war with Iraq.

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