Saturday, February 24, 2007

For your consideration

Over at Damage Control, Philip Racuel takes a look at the big picture in Iraq.

And he goes "out there" a bit as you can see.
I truly believe, given all the evidence we have thus far, that the Bush Crime Family will stop at nothing to keep their "war" going. My gut is telling me that it is not "insurgents" targeting the helicopters- it is the private Blackwater mercenaries in our employ in concert with the CIA. Think back to the Noriega insanity and linking the CIA to things like this is not all that an outrageous claim.

Just wait- eventually these downed choppers will be linked to Iran or weapons that were allegedly provided by Iran.

The thing is, as you read this article, you keep thinking, "I don't want to believe this stuff." But then you realize who's calling the shots and how terribly easy it is for all this to be true.

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