Friday, February 09, 2007

Problems with the "new and improved" Blogger

For the most part the "new and improved" Blogger hasn't been too bad. Its actually been much less problematic than most "upgrades", but...

Initially one was given the ability to format paragraphs as left justified, right justified or centered as in Word, but that seemed to disappear after a couple days. As did the ability to format the fonts. I loved that little bell. Or is that a whistle? Doesn't matter. Its gone too.

At first when I posted a comment to one of my posts, Blogger realized it was I and didn't demand I type in a verification word as is required of others. That too went up in a cloud of smoke.

Blogger still doesn't really show what a post will look like on the site when you preview it, but that may come in a later upgrade.

However my biggest beef is how the labels work. If one types in iran as a label, its stuck in there forever. There seems to be no way to replace iran with Iran or just delete iran entirely. Later, typing Iran as I should have the first time, it will change it to iran. Arghhh! I'm constantly having to edit the labels to put upper-case letters in there. I know, its my fault. I should never have typed iran in lower-case to begin with but it pisses me off.

To be fair, this isn't just a problem exclusive to Blogger. I've many menus offering me "s" because I started to type spiiderweb and accidentally hit the enter key. I often hit the enter key by mistake. Again, my fault, but why can't we fix such things.

So please forgive me if I just "accept" the incorrect labels and let Iran show as iran in future. I hate editing as you may have guessed by now because I'm trè lazy..

This is the end of my current rant. More to come, but now back to blogging.



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