Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Women Leaders Are Target of Violent Attacks in Pakistan

Will this shit never end? OK, stupid question.
Women political opponents of ruling General Pervez Musharraf are increasingly targets of murderous government-directed "goons" in a wave of violence similar to that in Chile during the Pinochet regime, the Pakistan Peoples Party has
charged. The party's allegations came following a series of attacks against
women opposition members of the Pakistani Parliament and local councils.

Four attacks took place this past week against women leaders. The
Pakistan Peoples Party's charges against bodyguards of a provincial
minister accused them of attempting to assassinate Dr. Azra Fazal, who
escaped harm although her bullet-proof vehicle was damaged in the attack.
Dr. Azra Fazal is the sister-in-law of Benazir Bhutto, former Prime
Minister of Pakistan and chairwoman of the Pakistan Peoples Party.

In other incidents, Parliament member Naheed Khan was fired upon,
member Sherry Rahman was attacked with a blunt instrument, and councilor
Dr. Shahida Rahmani was hospitalized after being manhandled by supporters
of the Muhajir Qaumi Movement (MQM), coalition partner of the Pakistani

Other Pakistan Peoples Party leaders were physically assaulted during
local elections when government supporters grabbed ballot boxes to stuff
them with votes.

I've posted before. I've worked with women who were more competent than the available male workers. I would link to the post, but found I've posted about women too many times to find the one item. I'm lazy, you might want to find it. Your choice.

Why do men fear these women?

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