Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Another perspective

Courtesy of ASWJ BLOG.

Referring to my earlier post. It seems the media didn't report sheikh Omran's remarks entirely accurately. In fact they fucked them up completely.
..."What we have nowadays? As the most important scientists, when they meet last month, they call them scientists of the day of judgement... did you hear about that meeting? It was the conference in Europe... And when they reveled curtain they put three minutes to twelve. Like three minutes left to the world to finish. Finish because of what? Because of our deeds. Because of our science. Because of our experiments. This Experiments went so wild because there is no control, fear of Allah is not there. So we have now polluted air, polluted water. a waste land..."


..."Real civilised person (is the one) who lives harmoniously with the surrounding around them. Who is good, as same as to other human as same to the fish in the water. As same to the bird in the air, as same to the plant in the ground. This is the real civilised person.

This is why you see in our sharia you are not allowed to cut the tree for no reason. Or, to harm bird without reason. But water is must to be looked after. "...

Thank you ASWJ for your input.

I have such great readers. And we correct when we find problems. Gotta love the internets tubes.

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