Sunday, March 11, 2007

Poll: Character Trumps Policy for Voters

Come on now. All these folks were elected because no one had a clue about their character?
Bill Frist
Roy Blunt
Richard W. Pombo
Maxine Waters
Randy "Duke" Cunningham
William J. Jefferson
Conrad Burns
Bob Ney
Tom Feeney
Gary Condit
Newt Gingrich
Bill Clinton
George H W Bush
George W Bush
Wilbur Mills
Bob Packwood
Richard Nixon
James Strom Thurmond

Now either this poll was poorly worded or, and this is what I think happened, the people told the pollsters what they thought the pollsters wanted to hear. Or, slightly differently, they gave answers that would make them look better to the pollsters.

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Anonymous Rick A Hyatt said...

The overlap of the Ipswich, Chandra, Jobennet, Peterson & Ann Nicole cases? A new revelation to the Palfrey DC Call Girl List? Even the BTK cases? The name is Gary Condit (And Mrs.)
Residences (Condit's had a flat in Ipswich at Linnet and Old London Road in '77 at least; Modesto; DC; Condit grew up just south of Witchita), Friends with (Mr. Ramsey, for instance); Shared lawyers with (Scott Peterson), Methods of death (drugged, dismembered to death or strangled, head smashed); Some fall guy set up in advance for it (Or some vague "Serial Killer suspect"), and how most bodies are partially found (Serial Killers keep "Trophies" and often eat the heart and liver), in pieces and decapitated; High-level Congressional funding that influences police and prosecutors (BTK, JBR...All of them) to find the wrong perpetrator.
And that all victims are "Sexual Political Embarrassments." That some high-ranking type wants to get rid of. The Condits provide that Service and that's how they got into Congress in the first place. Maybe more of Deborah Palfrey's Call Girl list has gone missing in the same way?
Witnessed it in 1977, in Ipswich, UK, myself. A Royal Army Sergeant from the Dusseldorf base, actually an undercover investigator, who the Condits thought was queer.
Where's the subpoena, then?

3/12/2007 02:48:00 AM  

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