Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Why Dems should fear Former Senator Fred Thompson

I have 6 reasons why the Dems should fear a former Senator Fred Thompson run for the WH.
1. Ronald Reagan.

2. Arnold Schwarzenegger.

3. His stature is impressive. At 6' 6" (1.98 m) he's a most imposing figure. Check out the pix. Your eye is drawn to him even when walking with Roberts, the Chief Justice of the SCOTUS. Imagine his standing next to Kim Jong Il.

4. He's a former US Senator.

5. That voice. The deep, strong voice of authority. Hell, he was the voice of Andrew Jackson. And it has that easy, good ol' boy, down-to-earth southern drawl to it that voters eat up like candy.

6. This is the clincher. Hollywood knows how to cast actors. When they want someone with stature, authority and gravitas they don't cast Adam Sandler. They cast Fred Thompson as:

the White House Chief of Staff,
an FBI Agent,
a doctor,
a Rear Admiral,
a Major General,
a District Attorney,
a prosecutor,
the Director of the CIA,
a Lieutenant Colonal, or even
the POTUS his own self.

This guy has been pre-packaged for the American public as the "go-to" guy. The guy who can be trusted. The guy you can depend on to save the day. He's near perfect.

Trust me. Don't follow all the links unless you're really enticed. But you might want to click on the next one.

But here's the thing that scares me the most. His association with AEI (the American Enterprise Institute). He's a fucking neocon. We don't need another neocon. You can trust me on that one too.

Hollywood couldn't come up with a more perfect candidate for president and the GOP would be unimaginatively stupid to not draft Thompson. Of course we have George Clooney to counter Thompson, but...

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