Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Big ego alert (mine)

I told you so... (snicker)
Coca-Cola Co faces a long-term threat to its future from falling global water resources and will reduce the amount of water that goes into making its drinks, its chief executive said on Tuesday.

The world's top beverage company will also put more effort into recycling the water it uses in manufacturing and spend $20 million protecting seven major watersheds around the world with the World Wildlife Fund, said Chief Executive E. Neville Isdell, at a news conference on World Environment Day.

"I don't see in the short, or even in the medium term, that it's going to threaten our business, but in the long term it is," Isdell told Reuters after making the announcement, referring to water shortages.

Who would have guessed the Coca Cola company reads SPIIDERWEB™? Certainly not me.

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