Monday, June 04, 2007

Know when to keep your mouth shut

Over at The Fix, they've posted many comments from readers in response to a question:

If Markos Moulitsas's (a.k.a. Kos) call to tape every word uttered by Republican officials and candidates was a good or a bad thing for politics.

One response:
"How is anyone supposed to develop serious policies if the first time they talk about a subject they are worried that a mistaken sentence could come back to bite them later on?... Kos' plan ... isn't politics, its warfare." -- Posted by: camguy | May 29, 2007 09:35 AM

This is a no-brainer to me. All officials and candidates should either speak from their true beliefs for the first time or admit they need to look closer at the subject/issue before saying anything.

But no, most will expound in great detail about what they think which is pretty shallow thinking at best and that's why their words come back to haunt them.

"I don't know." Throughout my years of schooling I can't count how many times I was told that is a perfectly solid answer. Its also the correct one if you haven't really thought about a subject/issue or really do just don't know.

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