Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Stop this idiocy

A couple headlines. OK, I'm fucking lying. There are several headlines and links. Jesus H Christ on a beach blanket, but its fun to have such unlimited control. Muahahaha.
Obama Takes Lead In Money Raised

For Romney, a Fundraising Drop-Off

McCain cuts staff as funding woes build

Fund-Raising Woes

With fundraising apprently drying up, Romney writes himself a check

Senate Q2 Fundraising Numbers

Fund Raising Totals May Signal Changes Among Upper Tier Candidates

Stop it. These headlines and links could go on ad infinitum. Media seems to believe, as do too many bloggers, money accumulation identifies viable candidates. If so America is in the shitter.

Money is important, but as Henry Tyroon (James Garner) says in Wheeler Dealers (1963), "You don't go wheelin' 'n' dealin' for money. You do it for fun. Money's just the way you keep score."

Don't do it. Money is not your god. Money is a convenient way to trade, but it is no deity.

Quit equating money infusions with political strength. I don't know, but suspect Abe Lincoln didn't have tons of money.

While we're at it, forget the Libby stuff. Its over and done unless Fitzgerald can nail him in appeal, but Bush would just commute his sentence again so all is right with the world.

Forget Paris Hilton.

Forget the botched and totally amateurish attempts to attack London and Glasgow.

Blog about your cats.

Am I the only one who finds it interesting Lee Remick would be billed ahead of James Garner in 1963? Guess ol' Jim hadn't hit is stride. Or Women aren't cherished after a certain age.




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