Sunday, September 23, 2007

Bush to ask for US$195b to fund Iraq, Afgan wars: report

OK Democrats, you're getting another chance to redeem yourselves in the eyes of Americans and the world.

Tell the American people you care about the troops and that's why your trying to get them home. Don't buy into the "don't support the troops" shit the Republicans will bellow. Support is sending good money after bad. Caring is bringing them home so they won't be killed or maimed.

Don't blow it this time.
The White House will ask Congress next week to approve another massive spending measure for the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan totalling nearly 200 billion US dollars, The Los Angeles Times reported on its website late Saturday.

Citing unnamed Pentagon officials, the newspaper said if President George W. Bush's spending request is approved, 2008 will be the most expensive year of the Iraq war.

Mine Resistant Ambush Protected armored vehicle (MRAP)

US war costs have continued to grow because of the additional combat forces sent to Iraq this year and because of efforts to quickly ramp up production of new equipment, such as mine-resistant trucks, the report said.

The new trucks can cost three to six times as much as an armoured Humvee, according to the paper.

Of course, if the troops aren't in Iraq, they won't need these MRAPs will they?
The Bush administration said earlier this year that it probably would need 147.5 billion US dollars for fiscal 2008, but Pentagon officials now say that and 47 billion US dollars more will be required, The Times said.

Mercenaries don't come cheap I guess.

And NOLA, just wait your turn. Jesus H Christ in sandals, can't ya show a little patience? Its only been a couple years now.

Via Channelnewsasia.

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