Monday, September 24, 2007

Bush Wields Vetoes to Block Democrats

File under: No shit.

Bush didn't need the veto with a Republican controlled Congress and signing statements.
President Bush, who didn't veto a bill for nearly six years, is now embracing the power to constrain the Democratic-controlled Congress even as his popularity remains low.

The strategy has blocked Congress from forcing troop drawdowns in Iraq and given Bush substantial leverage on children's health policies, federal spending and other issues.

But some say it carries a political risk. By thwarting congressional efforts to wind down the war and redirect spending to popular domestic programs, Bush could help Democrats portray Republicans as out of step with voters in the 2008 elections.

It must take tremendous effort to fuck America as much as possible before riding into the sunset.

I say to the Hague with him.

OK, I don't do subtle any more than does Bush.

Via USNews.

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