Tuesday, October 02, 2007

Bomb video spurs scrutiny for YouTube

File under: You just knew this was coming sooner or later.
On a video posted to YouTube.com this summer, a man speaking Egyptian-accented Arabic instructed viewers on how to convert a remote-controlled toy car into a bomb detonator.

Don't look at me. I have no answers. Block videos that mention "bomb"? That last is not my suggestion, hence the "?". Duh!

This is an unfortunate incident, but its part of the openness of the internets tubes.

The truth is, there isn't much one can't research in you're run of the mill library. If someone wants to make a bomb or a detonator using a TV remote, its probably easy to find instructions. I can't say for sure because I've no desire to find instructions for either.

Via Boston Globe.



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