Thursday, October 18, 2007

Francis Ford Coppola mocks Godfather stars

I've mentioned before I love movies, but am not big on celebrities.

This story may be picked up and exploited, but Coppola is right. These people are so far from the top of their games they rank as extras.

Jesus H Christ with sand in his shorts, but that was a horrid mixed metaphor.
Coppola, who now co-owns a vineyard, accused his two former colleagues of "living off the fat of the land" and losing their professional drive.

He also turned his fire on Jack Nicholson, star of The Shining, who he claimed now spent his time hanging out with Hollywood's "big guys and the big bosses".

Both Pacino and De Niro have shown themselves willing to take the blockbuster dollar in recent years, a fact appears to have riled Coppola, 58, who prides himself on his independent leanings.

And what the fuck is that "who now co-owns a vineyard" shit? What does that have anything to do with the story?

Via Telegraph.



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