Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Wisdom amid a world tired of the US megaphone

A fine read from David Ignatius.

I've covered this topic before, although not as eloquently. If I could do that I'd be writing a book or something.

My choice of wording would be the "US bullhorns" (plural) and not the "US megaphone, but that's just splitting hairs.

The US blasts its negative rhetoric at this or that country for human rights abuses or not invoking a strong democracy while ignoring the same problems in other countries...including the good old US of A.
"We talk about democracy and human rights. Iraqis talk about justice and honor." That comment from Lieutenant Colonel David Kilcullen, made at a seminar last month on counterinsurgency, is the beginning of wisdom for an America that is trying to repair the damage of recent years. It applies not simply to Iraq but the range of problems in a world tired of listening to an American megaphone.

Dignity is the issue that vexes billions of people around the world, not democracy. Indeed, when people hear President George W. Bush preaching about democratic values, it often comes across as a veiled assertion of America power. The implicit message is that other countries should be more like us - replacing their institutions, values and traditions with ours. We mean well, but people feel disrespected. The bromides and exhortations are a further assault on their dignity.

And, of course, here is how the Bush administration treats people with dignity and respect:

Via Information Clearing House.

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