Monday, November 19, 2007

Israel, the hope of the Muslim world

Where do these reptiles come from? Are they born to humans or do they crawl out of holes in the desert.

Of course humiliating an entire religion is the way to go. Why didn't I think of that before?


Its only common sense humiliating people is not going to bring positive results. Occupying Iraq, a gross humiliation, isn't working out too well.
The state of Israel embodies the last, best chance for the Islamic world to come to terms with the modern world. Received wisdom in the foreign ministries of the West holds that relations with Muslims would be ever so much easier without the annoying presence of the Jewish state, which humiliates the Muslim world. Just the opposite is true. The Israeli presence in the territory of the ancient Jewish commonwealth, on land that once belonged to the Dar al’Islam, offers the single, slender hope for the future of the Muslim world, precisely because it constitutes a humiliation.

Via Asia Times.

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