Sunday, November 04, 2007

More food and then I'll move on

Eggs are my weakness.

I'll start with something unusual. At least I've not seen others do this. Pancakes with a couple sunny-side up eggs. I put way too much butter on the pancakes and then I cut up the pancakes and eggs with the eggs on top, into squares. The yokes run all over and then I can add the maple syrup. Yummmy.

OK, I love eggs:

Benedict, egg drop soup, shirred, scrambled, Easter, quail, 100 years old, duck, poached, soft boiled, hard boiled, deviled, Fabergé, over easy, omelettes, golden, Russian, square (yes you can make them), salmon, goose, Florentine, pickled, green (with ham of course), ostrich, salted (in shell), pigeon, snake, in a sandwich (fried or scrambled), and finally about the only chocolate I eat and only for a short time annually...Nestle Crunch and Hershey's Mini eggs.

There is one egg I haven't tried and won't and that's a fertile egg. The thought of eating the beak freaks me out.



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