Wednesday, November 14, 2007


I don't usually "do" YouTube. My computer is too slow and I have no bandwidth, but...

Trying to relive my days of glory, I had to find Sawyer Brown.

Years ago I entered a karaoke contest just for the hell of it. Funny thing, during the entire contest I was sober as a preacher. Some Girls Do is the song I used.

Anyway, it started with 15,000 people. Yep. Fifteen fucking thousand people.

I made it to the last 100. At that point the contestants were either pros or highly trained singers. I mean we few armatures had to hold the microphone close to get any volume. The others held the microphone 2 feet from their mouths and still blew us away.

I lost, but it was fun. So is the song.

Some Girls Do - Sawyer Brown.

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