Saturday, November 10, 2007

Syria will allow US to screen Iraqi refugees

OK, I'm confused. Just where the hell in the rabbit hole am I? I see light, but don't know the source.

Syria is cooperating with the US? Jesus H Christ in Doc Martens, what is happening here? The next thing you know the fucking Syrians will be visiting the White House.

We must keep reminding ourselves who our enemies are. Syrians? Check. Iranians? Check. Lebanese? Check. Israelis? Hahaha. Ya gotta be kidding.

I'll stop here. I'm getting tired.
Syria has agreed to allow US interviewers into the country to screen Iraqi refugees for admission to the United States, clearing a major obstacle to the Bush administration's resettlement program, the State Department said yesterday.

Seriously, this is great news. The US has an obligation to bring in as many Iraqi refugees as is possible and screening is necessary. Here's hoping they all pass mustard.*

* Pass mustard is US term for accepted or qualify.

Via Boston Globe.



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