Thursday, November 15, 2007

UK Airport Inquisition: Passengers forced to answer 53 questions in new scheme

Just when I think I've seen/heard/read it all or close to it I'm shocked back into the reality that's now.

Sorry for the size of the image, but its the best I could do.
Travellers face price hikes and confusion after the Government unveiled plans to take up to 53 pieces of information from anyone entering or leaving Britain.

For every journey, security officials will want credit card details, holiday contact numbers, travel plans, email addresses, car numbers and even any previous missed flights.

The information, taken when a ticket is bought, will be shared among police, customs, immigration and the security services for at least 24 hours before a journey is due to take place.

Anybody about whom the authorities are dubious can be turned away when they arrive at the airport or station with their baggage. Those with outstanding court fines, such as a speeding penalty, could also be barred from leaving the country, even if they pose no security risk.

First off, did you catch that? They need the answers to these questions at least 24 hours before you depart. So forget your fucking mother who just had a heart attack hundreds of miles away. You can go to her hospital bedside later. What's your damn rush?

If you can read the questions, do you believe some of them?

Number 19: Give out your credit card number to a stranger who has no "legitimate" need for it such as a waiter or shop clerk?

Number 36: Bag tag numbers? How do you know what they will be?

Number 48: Actual seat number? Huh? Often I have no clue what seat I'm actually in. I tend to move about. And if I were a terrorist, I sure as hell would change seats. Gimme a break here.

Number 50: Check-in agent's initials? How can you provide this information 24 hours or more before check-in? Let's see, I think John Howard Fleming will be my check-in agent. Hey, it could happen.

And backing up, numbers 1-4 plus 10 are about everything you need to steal someone's identity. Why don't they ask mother's maiden name? Fucking incompetents.

This is lunacy on a grand scale.

Via The Signs.



Anonymous Anonymous said...

I hate them. There is NO WAY I am going to give all these information. I rather spend xmas in jail and then I will SUE them. Assholes!!!!

11/20/2007 10:49:00 PM  
Blogger spiiderweb™ said...

Let's just say I won't be going to the UK until this questionnaire is rescinded.

Should be great for their tourism industry.

Oh yeah, you're right they are assholes.

11/20/2007 11:10:00 PM  

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