Saturday, December 22, 2007

Baghdad reality

Children emulate the adults around them. Unfortunately that may include Ak-47s.
We slipped into a toy store where little boys crowded around toys, picking their holiday gifts. They all wanted the same thing, toy guns, just like the men they see on the street. A 10-year-old carried a very real replica of an Ak-47 [perhaps a real one?] and the younger boys chose pistols.

I opted for cars.

"Why," Hussein asked. "They all want guns, all the boys want to play with guns."

The toys here are a reflection of the reality they live, humvees, military helicopters and guns. All the little boys want to emulate the violence on the street.

There will never be peace in the Mid-East until children see no violence. Never see their friends and family members killed. Never hear the constant cacophony of gunfire.

Via Baghdad.



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