Sunday, December 23, 2007

Tanks roam Vancouver streets

1955 VW Beetle 500
There was no 1 VW Beetle model

Jesus H Christ in a VW Beetle, is the world flying headlong into anarchy?

For those unfamiliar, Vancouver used to be a serene city. One was safe walking most streets at any hour.

Apparently times have radically changed.
Armoured vehicles in the control of criminal gangs are roaming the streets of Vancouver in Canada.

The city, gripped by gang warfare, has gangsters driving armoured vehicles equipped with strobe lights and sirens on the streets.

The vehicles are so powerful they cannot be penetrated by emergency personnel.

'You can imagine one of these things. It's a rolling tank. If it was to collide with a regular vehicle on the road it would be no-contest,' Vancouver Police Inspector Dean Robinson told The Globe and Mail.

Perhaps worrying about terrorists from outside is no more important than gaining control internally.

Via Japan Herald.



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