Wednesday, January 09, 2008

The "Elections" Distraction

I'm stealing a lot here, because its that good and, besides, there's much more I didn't steal.
Focus, America! Do not lose track of the goal. The goal is to expose the elite traitors in our “elected” government for the terrorists that they are and to drag the bums out of office, not to dive headfirst into an elections game that only serves to keep we the people distracted while the thugs in office use our Constitution for toilet paper.

We debate endlessly over contrived speeches made by professional liars that rely on opinion polls to determine just what the public wants to hear, then draft lies as truth and spew the vomit out like it is gold. They lie like crazy to appease voters and ride the crest of public opinion to accomplish what? To successfully manipulate the public one more time to advance a preset hidden agenda that no one will challenge. Why? Because the same power-base of elitists have all the money, and have been getting their way for hundreds of years. The candidates are puppets. They do what they are allowed to do. They are actors playing a part. Even if one or two of them appears to be honest and truthful, just how long will that honesty and truthfulness last in the face of the corporatist structure?

Would I like to see someone get elected that represents the people, makes good on his/her promises, and tells the corporatist leaches that are sucking the world dry to take a hike? Sure, I would. Do I think that a person like that has a rat’s hind end chance of succeeding in our present system? No. Maybe if we the people start ignoring this charade of elitist-controlled elections and come together as a shadow government comprised of Americans who give a rat’s hind end about Americans, we might make a dent in the elite corporate structure. I don’t know. Is it possible? Maybe.

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Blogger DirkStar said...

Obama learned tonight that you may flirt with the young voters, but you will never win by relying on them.

Unless you stick a PlayStation III in the voting booth or show the movie "Lord of the Rings" you just won't get them to show up when voting time comes.

He is a fool who just got a real look at his chances of reaching the White House...

1/09/2008 12:42:00 PM  
Blogger spiiderweb™ said...

Are you sure about the movie? Not Animal house or Airplane with the bouncing naked titties?

The guy deserves kudos for great speeches.

Unfortunately he seems all flash and no substance.

1/09/2008 11:28:00 PM  

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