Sunday, January 27, 2008


If you love and appreciate music, don't read this post because I'm gonna fuck it up for you.


If you have decent speakers you'll know what I'm saying.

There are many ways to record music, but the three most common ways are:

1. Corporate, sanitized, manufatured.

2. Live.

3. Live in studio.

Corporate, sanitized, manufactured music involves putting the drums behind a glass screen. Many of the tracks are recorded at different times and even different days. It is obvious. You can listen carefully and realize the singer and the musicians are not in the room at the same time.

Live is better, but includes crowd noise. Sometimes its a plus, but often a negative.

Now we come to live in a studio. You can tell all performers are in the same room. Its just like listening to a live performance and its far superior to the other forms.

I wanted to supply you with examples, but can't.

Of the third way to record, try to find Steve Earle's Snake Oil. Hell, any track on Copperhead Road will do.

You might well be in the audience.


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