Monday, January 07, 2008

Rule would target foreign cruise ships

Now this is a novel approach at restricting competition. Of course, the rule does have its supporters.
Foreign cruise ships sailing from California to Hawaii would have to spend at least two days in Mexico under a proposed federal rule meant to help U.S.-flagged ships better compete with them.

Cruises departing from Los Angeles and San Diego typically include a short, token stop in Ensenada, Mexico, to meet federal laws that require ships flying under foreign flags to dock in another country before going to other U.S. ports.

The rule change proposed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection would force those ships to stay in a foreign port for at least 48 hours and allow passengers to go ashore.

Supporters say the change would make Hawaii cruises more costly for foreign-based cruise lines, bolstering U.S.-flagged ships' presence in the island tourism market.

And Ensenada, Mexico should love it. They'd better stock up on them fancy velvet sombreros.

Via Boston Globe.



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