Thursday, January 17, 2008

So Much for "Electability"

Civility at all times. Got that? I understand it. Muahahaha.

Goddamn sumbitch. Vote for the person you believe will lead the country well.

If you went for Ross Perot, fine. Nader? Whatever. Mondale, Clinton (Bill), Dole?

Just don't vote for whom you believe will be the winner. That's a damned self-disenfranchising way to vote. You are saying you don't trust yourself to choose wisely. You are "We The People". Use the power you have. Think for yourselves. Don't be fucking sheep.

I'm very curious how many people would have voted for a guy with a wig and wooden teeth. Not to mention a ridiculous uniform, but Washington did become the President.
Today's must-read piece is from Walter Shapiro: "Never has there been a presidential season that has made such a mockery of the elusive concept of electability. At this point voters in both parties seem totally baffled about who would be their strongest candidate in the general election."

Via Salon.



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