Tuesday, February 26, 2008

The Secret Service writes off security for candidates

You're probably well aware of this story.

This is an extremely long albeit thorough accounting of this whole subject.

Sort of makes one wonder if the candidates are being hung out to dry.
Here's the initial story: the Dallas police, who are more conscious of these issues than most municipal police forces, told reporters that the Secret Service ordered them to suspend weapons screening while people were still arriving at an Obama rally this past Thursday. From the Dallas Star-Telegram:


That is to say: in a state with few gun laws and no shortage of racist crazies, and in a city with a high crime rate and a history of political assassination, they had less security for a major campaign appearance than many high schools apply every day to their students. They had less security than I've run into at concerts, baseball games, and second-string amusement parks.

Please take note of that last paragraph. This ain't coming from some elitist northeastern newspaper but from the Dallas Star-Telegram. Its an unusually frank observation of their own.

Of course its disturbing when it concerns Obama for what I see as obvious reasons, but its also disconcerting vis-à-vis Mrs Clinton. If even one crazy is allowed into a rally with a firearm it puts an extra onus on the candidates' secret service contingents.

Unfortunately this is the fucking "liberal media" so there's no mention of what's happening at McCain rallies.

No, I don't believe the media is liberal. That part was a goddamn joke, hence the quote marks.

Is this a process of elimination? Just asking.

Via Making Light.



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