Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Bush: Tapping ANWR would help lower gasoline prices

Jesus H Christ throwing a temper tantrum, but the moron just won't give up on anything he wants.
In the face of surging gasoline prices, President Bush clung Tuesday to his long-term remedies for solving the nation's energy problems, renewing his call to drill in Alaska's Arctic National Wildlife Refuge, build more U.S. oil refineries and expand America's use of nuclear energy.

I really can't wait until that asshole is out of office and can't do any more harm.

Unfortunately, between now and then I suspect there are several more things he will do.

1. Give additional considerations to big oil, big pharma, military contractors and anyone who supported him.

2. Invade Iran and Syria. Not sure if NKorea is at risk or not.

3. Install more tax breaks for the wealthy.

4. Appoint judges who have no right sitting on the bench.

5. Appoint more incompetents as heads of various government agencies.

6. Alienate the few countries still willing to treat the US as a friend.

7. Kill many more Americans and foreigners.

8. Break the military to the point it might not rebound.

9. Continue to insult returning service people, especially those physically, mentally or psychologically injured.

10. Pardon people from his inner circle who are convicted of crimes.

11. Declare any evidence against him or his administration as inaccessible to scrutiny by the American public including the courts and Congress.

12. Allow more and more torture and renditions.

13. Trash anything in the US Constitution and Bill of Rights he hasn't already destroyed.

14. And he and his advisors will get creative and surprise us all. Which will take a lot of effort.

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