Monday, April 28, 2008

Rice Rationing Hits UK

This on top of Costco and Sam's Club rationing rice in the US.

Fortunately I was able to stockpile tons of rice before the hoarders got hold of it. Muhahaha!
Rice is being rationed in Britain as shopkeepers limit supplies to their customers to prevent hoarding. Restrictions on sales in Asian neighbourhoods are reported as emergency measures are taken by governments worldwide to combat the soaring cost of rice and prevent outbreaks of food rioting.

Now to get fucking serious. There are people who spend almost every goddamn cent of their income to feed themselves and can't survive on rice prices which are double normal. Its no fucking joke and many will die or turn to crime to keep food on the table.

There is enough food on this planet to feed everyone. It just isn't distributed equitably. And, yes, I do what I can to feed those who need it. I'm not being hypocritical here. My cost for food is roughly five times what it would be if my wife and I didn't feed so many others.

Yeah, don't mention it. I'm a goddamn saint.

Via The Signs.



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