Friday, May 09, 2008

Our subject is superdelegates.


There are state caucuses and primaries and then some fucking assholes people have the power to vote for any goddamn candidate they want to without regard for the electorate? Who can be bought influenced by candidates to support someone the public doesn't endorse.

Is it just moi who thinks this is completely fucking ridiculous? Just asking.
You may not know Lincoln Davis from Pall Mall, Tenn., but you should, if you care about who’ll win the Democratic presidential nomination.

You may not know Fagafaga Langkilde of American Samoa, or Heather Mizeur of Takoma Park, Md., either.

But they, too, are people worth knowing.

All three and nearly 800 other Democrats are considered “superdelegates.”


Who gets to be a superdelegate?
Well, dear reader, maybe your aunt should be a superdelegate, but she is not, unless she happens to be one of the following:

* A Democratic governor, a senator, or a member of the House of Representatives
* A member of the Democratic National Committee, elected by party activists in her state
* A distinguished party leader, such as former presidents Bill Clinton and Jimmy Carter, or former House speakers Jim Wright and Tom Foley
* An at-large DNC member such as Richard Michalski, appointed by party chairman Howard Dean and ratified by the DNC membership

But, who’s Richard Michalski?

Michalski is the vice president of the 720,000-member International Association of Machinists and Aerospace Workers, whose political action committee has given heavily to Democratic candidates. The Machinists union has endorsed Clinton.

And you thought your fucking vote counted. Silly rabbit.



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