Thursday, May 29, 2008

Report: U.S. urges UN to find secret nuclear facilities in Syria

An F-15 Strike Eagle drops GBU-12 laser-guided smart bombs.
Photo courtesy U.S. Department of Defense

Apparently the moron is convinced the case for bombing Iran is pretty much made. Only a few tweaks here and there required and he'll be cheered on by the American people when he announces the bombing is soon to start.

So now its time to start building a case against Syria. Time is running out in his tenure and he has to get as many confrontations (read wars) started as he can in his few remaining months in office.

And Syria has always been on the idiot's list of countries he must attack.
The United States is pressing United Nations inspectors to broaden the scope of a search in Syria to include possible secret nuclear facilities, The Washington Post reported in Thursday editions, citing U.S. government officials and Western diplomats.

At least three sites have been identified by U.S. officials and passed along to UN nuclear watchdog the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the newspaper reported.

U.S. government officials declined to describe the specific sites that have drawn interest or to discuss how they were identified, it said.

Citing unnamed sources, the Post said U.S. officials want to know if the suspected sites may have been support facilities for the alleged Al Kibar reactor destroyed in an Israel Air Force strike last September.

Syria maintains the facility targeted by the IAF was a disused military building in its eastern desert that had no nuclear link. It has yet to accept a request from the IAEA to visit the site.

Israel is believed to have the Middle East's only nuclear arsenal.

Isn't that last paragraph fucking reassuring?

BTW I feel like a fool because I didn't notice the point when the moron's bogeyman morphed from al Qaeda and terrorists to nuclear states. Although, in the case of Iran at least the terrorist angle is still in play.

I wonder if the administration has someone on staff whose sole responsibility is to predict the next thing capable of striking fear in the hearts of Americans.

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