Thursday, May 08, 2008

USS Cole investigation falling apart

No harm, no foul. Well, some harm I guess.

Sometimes my pea brain can't wrap around reality. I must be a closet Republican.

The U.S. Navy guided missile destroyer USS Cole (DDG 67) was attacked on October 12, 2000. As in eight fucking years ago.

The people responsible have not been brought to justice and many have been freed or have escaped. Tough prisons in Yemen, heh?

Is this the least bit disturbing to you? Just asking.
Kudos to the Washington Post for looking into the mysterious behavior of the Yemeni government toward the guys implicated in the USS Cole bombing. As Newsweek reported last fall, Yemen even briefly [emphasis mine and briefly?] let Jamal al-Badawi, the al Qaeda planner in charge of the operation, out of prison. All told, "all the defendants convicted in the attack have escaped from prison or been freed by Yemeni officials," according to the Post.

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