Sunday, June 15, 2008

College Student Gets Five Years For Scarring One Time Fling

This gal must have studied under Clayton Williams who stopped short of suggesting branding.
In my latest manuscript, ´Kelly´s Woes,´ the main character, Kelly, gets slapped for not returning a telephone call to what was a one night stand. And if you are interested, you can become familiar with this story that´s on my website. [hyperlink added -ed]

Just click on the Kelly´s Woes navigation bar. Anyway, that´s fiction. Consider my amazement when I learned about a New York college student who planned the branding of her one time date with a guy who did not call her.

Apparently, she, the 23 year old college student did not take it too well when the guy with whom she had sex on the first date did not call her. According to news reports, the student, Kristina Caban, recruited the help of her present boyfriend, Robert Testagrossa, kidnapped the victim, Samir Sara, after which she branded the letter R on his stomach/abdomen area.

For aiding his girlfriend in the matter, Mr. Testagrossa is already in jail where he is serving five years since February.

Ms. Caban, on the other hand, was allowed to complete her degree program from the School of Visual Arts before beginning her five years in jail.

I guess not everyone copes too well with rejection. It´s enough to make one wonder who was more victimized than whom, the young woman who was rejected, or the guy with the visible scar on his abdomen.

BTW, Kristina, you brand cattle on the hip and not on the belly.

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Blogger Dave said...

Where did you get the great image of the hot branding iron? I would love to seem more images like that. Sorry, a photo fan...

3/26/2009 11:25:00 PM  
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